About Us

I love good barbecue and after years of grilling, smoking, and searing, I have decided to share some of my favorite spice blends I use in my own kitchen and on the grill. The product lineup is small for now, but there are plans and ideas in the works to expand eventually. Though this site is really simple, many hours were put into getting it all fine tuned to the way I wanted it, and I’m sure it will evolve as time goes by. That being said, everything seems to be up and running for now!

I really hope you enjoy what I have created!


Ribs with experimental flavorings on a grill

Common Questions

Q. Why isn’t my bottle completely full?

A. Our product is packaged by weight and some settling will occur. Additionally, the extra headspace is actually a good thing when shaking up the product, as it provides room for the spices to move about.

Q. Why is your product so expensive?

A. Our product actually is not that expensive when you study the variety of rubs on the market. We are a small batch producing, independent company that doesn’t have access to fancy machinery or bulk discounts(at least not yet.) We want to share great flavor at a competitive price while still being able to balance the budget. Major respect to all the small business owners, makers, and creators out there putting in the hard work!